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Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society

    Call for working groups! Deadline – 7 January 2015

The key concept of the second international conference is the link of multifunctional agriculture, food chains and local food systems to old and new societal challenges. On this regard, we would like to stimulate a debate on how these aspects are addressed in different contexts. Therefore, we would like to encourage convenors to involve co-convenors and participants that cover a broad range of countries and disciplines. Read more...

    Welcome in Rome!

presidente_zingarettiLazio Region is proud to host the second International Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society in Rome, as part of the programme Lazio Expo 2015. The Conference will focus on reconnecting agriculture and food chains to societal needs. Over four days the world’s leading researchers and scholars will discuss on the most innovative aspects of multifunctionality in agriculture Read more...