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Third AgUrb Conference

Organized by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS, the Third International Conference Agriculture and Food in a Urbanizing Society will happen in the second half of 2018, at Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Agriculture and Food play a decisive role in the international agenda in recent years, given its relevance to the supply of an increasingly urban population with finite environmental resources. The development of new technologies in agrofood production accompanied by environmental and climatic impacts, the search for new models and supply systems that promote the interaction between producers and consumers, to safeguard the quality of food are the hot topics on the agenda of scholars, social movements, public and private agencies.

After two successful European editions (2012 at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, 2015 at the University Roma Tre in Italy), the Conference will take place in Brazil, consolidating its international character. The III AgUrb will be held by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State – UFRGS, a centennial institution, widely recognized as prestige center for education and research. The Conference seeks to reflect on new food production, distribution and consumption strategies for the 21st century. With an estimated audience of 800 people, the Conference is aimed at different actors involved in the agrifood field, from academics (professors, researchers and students); Public agents and stakeholders; professionals (agronomists, farmers, cooks, gastronomists, nutritionists, etc…), social movements, entrepreneurs and consumers. The program consists of activities that include lectures, presentation of scientific papers, reports of experiences, field trips and cultural activities during a five-day event.

The organization of the III AgUrb is already ongoing, lead by a local Organizational Commission and advised by a National and International Scientific Committee that gather academics such as: Dr. Gianluca Brunori from the University of Pisa, Dr. Andries Visser from Wageningen University, Dr Ye Jingzhong from Agricultural University of China, Dr. Renato Maluf from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Walter Belik from UNICAMP, among others. We would count with the support and partnership of different organizations in the agrifood field such as EMPRAPA CLIMA TEMPERADO, the Brazilian Association of Agroecology – ABA, the Ecovida Network and Via Campesina.

A series of preparatory activities will be help in different places at Brazil in order to to create a local and national mobilization around the event, as well as foster reflection in the state of the art of agriculture and food contributing to the III AgUrb programme.

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AgUrbRome 2015

We are happy to announce that the second edition of the International Conference Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society will be held in Rome, Italy, in September 2015.
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Welcome in Rome!

presidente_zingarettiLazio Region is proud to host the second International Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society in Rome, as part of the programme Lazio Expo 2015. The Conference will focus on reconnecting agriculture and food chains to societal needs. Over four days the world’s leading researchers and scholars will discuss on the most innovative aspects of multifunctionality in agriculture and on the connections and relationships between urban and rural worlds.

Rome well represents the complexity and contradictions of the interconnections existing today between the development of urban and rural areas, being a perfect laboratory for the Conference works. Rome was the largest agricultural municipality in Europe until 1992; 2/3 of its urbanized surface has been build up in the last 50 years; today agriculture seems to be again a key issue for the city, with young people asking municipality and Region for agricultural land to work in.

We are perfectly aware of the key role that agriculture can play as a driving-force, both economically and socially, for Lazio Region. Just to name a few, agriculture can promote social cohesion and contribute positively to boost economic activity and job creation, can help us to improve citizens’ wellbeing and quality of life, promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging involvement in the social and leisure activities in the cities, can protect our environment and safeguard biodiversity, produce safety food for growing cities like Rome is.

Consequently, we strive to make our agricultural system competitive, modernizing its facilities and renovating its services whilst preserving their rich traditional food heritage. To achieve these objectives we need an international comparison, dissemination of knowledge and research results, collaboration between public and private sectors. In a word: we need real social innovation; for this reason hosting the Conference is for our Region a precious opportunity.

We’re also pleased and proud that Conference participants will have the opportunity to spend an entire day visiting the experiences of farmer’s markets, community gardens, social farming and use of public lands in Rome and Lazio, led by experts able to illustrate their main aspects. This is a smart way for sharing our territory best practices’ with the Conference scientific community.

For all these reasons, I invite all the Conference’s participants to visit our city and Region, with the hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

President of Region Lazio
Nicola Zingaretti