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Call for abstracts

    Extended deadline, from 31 March to 20 April 2015

Our thanks for all of those who already submitted abstracts for Agurb 2015. We received several requests for a little more time for submitting abstracts and for spreading the call to others. The scientific committee and local organizing committee approved today an extension of the deadline.

Abstracts can be submitted through the conference system EasyChair until 20 April 2015.

After a positive evaluation of the abstract the author will be asked to upload a short-paper (max 2 pages) which will be published online as an e-book with ISBN number, we will submit the proceedings to ISI. This still allows authors to publish their research in more extended form in peer reviewed journals.



  • Choose the working group in the list below
  • Log in to EasyChair for AgUrb2015 (create an account if you have no EasyChair account)
  • Submit abstract (max 400 words)



List of working groups:

Click on the working group for description and convenors or download pdf (500 KB)

  1. WG1 – Connecting local and global food systems and reducing footprint in food provisioning and use
  2. WG2 – Short food supply chains (regional products; farmers’ markets; collective farmers’ marketing initiatives; alternative food networks; CSA)
  3. WG3 – Economic impact at the farm level
  4. WG4 – New business models for multiple value creation
  5. WG5 – Entrepreneurial skills and competences, knowledge and innovation systems and new learning arrangements
  6. WG6 – Transition approaches
  7. WG7 – Regional branding and local agrifood systems: strategies, governance, and impacts
  8. WG8 – Food systems and spatial planning. Towards a reconnection?
  9. WG9 – Land-use transformations
  10. WG10 – Urban agriculture I. Urban agriculture and Urban Food Strategies: Processes, Planning, Policies and Potential to Reconnect Society and Food
  11. WG11 – Urban agriculture II. Grass-root initiatives and community gardens
  12. WG12 – Urban agriculture III: Effects of UA. Urban agriculture: a potential tool for local and global food security, economic, social and environmental resilience, and community health and wellness
  13. WG13 – Care Farming/Social Farming in more resilient societies
  14. WG14 – Rural tourism (agri-tourism) and changing urban demands
  15. WG15 – Local arrangements for agricultural ecosystem services: connecting urban populations to their peri-urban landscapes through the ecosystem services of agriculture
  16. WG16 – Gender aspects of multifunctional agriculture
  17. WG17 – Civic agriculture for an urbanizing society: production models, consumption practices and forms of governance
  18. WG18 – Society Oriented Farming – working on the balance between market and societal demands
  19. WG19 – Food Security: Meanings, Practices and Policies
  20. WG20 – Revolutionary solutions for local food systems
  21. WG21 – Urban forestry, Green infrastructure
  22. WG22 – Food System Transitions: Cities and the Strategic Management of Food Practices
  23. WG23 – Conceptualising and Assessing City Region Food Systems
  24. WG24 – Revaluing institutional food procurement
  25. WG25 – Postharvest Aspects of Local Food Supply Chains of Urban Centres