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New business models for multiple value creation

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WG4 – New business models for multiple value creation

In recent years, numerous initiatives, businesses and movements have been arised working on multiple sustainability goals and explicitly creating social value for society. Increasingly social entrepreneurs emerge in the void that is created by the withdrawal of governmental institutions on for example social care or management of parks and nature. This trend is endorsed by the European Social Business Initiative, that has been initiated by Barnier. In new ways small companies and communities organize concerted activities and generate values. These structures can be described as a new trend in business ecosystems, a familiar concept in business studies. Within business ecosystems not only the economic value is of significance, but also values such as living environment, social cohesion, spirituality, authenticity and commitment. Traditional economic models for business development give insufficient information for support and improvement of these new initiatives, because they focus primarily on the individual performance of a business, that may take place in different networks. In this new trend however, networks have become sharing communities that include both enterprises and active community members. This puts a lot of theoretical and practical constraints on using business models, by advisors, policy makers and researchers who want to advise these new practices, sometimes creating misunderstanding rather than a good action perspective.

Goals of this working group is to present, discuss and reflect on a new generation of business models that address multiple forms of value creation in this new generation of business ecosystems. Invited papers should elaborated on some of the following elements:

• Problematisations of business models in the light of business ecosystem developments, e.g. highlighting social capital and local exchange trading systems
• What business models are better suited to address societal challenges?
• How to articulate and valorise social values?
• Presentation of best practices and grass root initiatives of multifunctional farms, urban farms and social enterprises combing profit and social impact.
• Incentives, interactions and consequences for the logic of family farms in relation to the emerging new business models.
• Theoretical foundation and understanding mechanisms of above mentioned initiatives, factors for success and failures.
• Ideas for integration of multiple values and value exchange in new business models.
• Approaches for co-creation and co-design of new products, services and exchanges addressing societal challenges.
• Critical points and opportunities for scaling of the new business model.
• What governance arrangements will stimulate the arise and scaling of new business models?


Ir. Herman Schoorlemmer, PPO, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
Dr. Roel During, Alterra, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands


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