The conference will be promoted and hosted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) – a centennial institution, which is nationally and internationally acknowledged as one of the most qualified Brazilian educational centers. The UFRGS is a public institution at the service of the Brazilian society. The institution is committed to the future and to the development of a critical conscience; thus, it respects differences, prioritizes experimentation and, above all, reaffirms its commitment to education and to knowledge production, since it is inspired by the ideals of freedom and solidarity. The institution counts on qualified teaching professionals and currently offers 94 undergraduate and 147 lato sensu post-graduate courses, besides other professional training and distance learning programs.


The AgUrb has been locally conceived and organized by an Organizing Committee composed of 20 UFRGS units, which are linked to the agri-food field. The AgUrb implementation will be carried out by an Executive Team, which currently gathers more than 30 professors, technicians and graduate students.


The following UFRGS units compose the local organization:

1. Post-graduation Program in Rural Development (PGDR)

2. Post-graduation Program in Sociology (PPGS)

3. Post-graduation Program in Agribusiness (PGAAgro)

4. Post-graduation Program in Urban and Regional Planning (PROPUR)

5. Agronomy Faculty ver

6. Education Faculty ver

7. Veterinary Faculty ver

8. Business School ver

9. Food Science and Technology Institute (ICTA)

10. Interdisciplinary Center for Society, Environment and Development (CISADE)

11. Center for Agribusiness Studies and Research (CEPAN)

12. Collaborating Center for School Nutrition and Food (CECANE/RS)

13. Center for Business Studies and Research o (CEPA)

14. Secretariat of Technological Development (SEDETEC)

15. Group of Studies and Research about Family Agriculture and Rural Development (GEPAD)

16. Group of Studies about Collective Health (GESC)

17. Litoral Norte Campus ver

18. Cennter for Studies about Food Security (NESAN)

19. Interdisciplinary Center for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Childhood (NIPDCI)

20. Food Division of the Dean’s Office for Student Affairs (DAL)


General Coordination

PhD in Sociology, Researcher and professor at Post-Graduation programs in Sociology and Rural Development (UFRGS)

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Executive Coordination

Biologist, Master’s Degree and PhD at Rural Development – PGDR (UFRGS)

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  • Ana Paula Matei: University-Society Interaction Advisor at the Technological Development Secretariat – SEDETEC/UFRGS
  • Brizabel Rocha: Researcher of the Nucleus of Studies in Food Security – NESAN/UFRGS
  • Carlos Alberto Bissani: Director of the Agronomy Faculty /UFRGS
  • Danielle Finamor: Academic Advisor of the Interdisciplinary Center on Society, Environment and Development – CISADE and  of the Post-graduation Program in Rural Development – PGDR/UFRGS
  • Dilmar Lopes: Professor of the Education Faculty /UFRGS
  • Edson Talamini: Coordinator of the Post-graduation Program in Agribusiness – PPGAgro/UFRGS
  • Fabiana Thomé da Cruz: Researcher of the Group of Studies and Research in Family Agriculture and Rural Development – GEPAD/UFRGS
  • Felipe Comunello: Professor at Litoral Norte Campus /UFRGS
  • Gabriela Coelho-de-Souza: Coordinator of the Post-graduation Program in Rural Development – PGDR/UFRGS
  • Jean Philippe Révillion: Vice-Director of the Center for Studies and Research in Agribusiness – CEPAN/UFRGS
  • Livia Piccinini: Professor in the Post-graduation Program in Urban and Regional Planning  – PROPUR/UFRGS
  • Lovois de Andrade Miguel: Director of the Interdisciplinary Center on Society, Environment and Development – CISADE/UFRGS
  • Ludymila Schulz Barroso: Director of the Food Division of the Pro-Rector of Student Affairs /UFRGS
  • Marcia Barcellos: Professor of the Business School /UFRGS
  • Marilise Oliveira Mesquita: Researcher of the Group of Studies in Collective Health – GESC/UFRGS
  • Marlise Dal Forno: Professor at Litoral Norte Campus /UFRGS
  • Noemia Perli Goldraich: Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Childhood /UFRGS
  • Paulo Niederle: Professor of the Post-graduation Program in Sociology – PPGS/UFRGS
  • Susana Cardoso: Professor of Veterinary Faculty /UFRGS
  • Vanuska Lima da Silva: Sub-coordinator of the Collaborating Center on Food and Nutrition of the School – CECANE/UFRGS
  • Vitor Manfroi: Director of the Food Science and Technology Institute – ICTA/UFRGS





In addition to the local organization, the Conference counts on the collaboration and guidance from two Scientific Committees.



Chair – Gianluca Brunori: Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment – Pisa University (Italy)

  1. Adoniram Sanches Peraci: FAO Latin America and Caribbean (Brazil)
  2. Alison Blay-Palmer: Centre for Sustainable Food Systems – Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
  3. Allison Loconto: French National Institute for Agricultural Research (France)
  4. Andries Visser: Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
  5. Cecilia Rocha: School of Nutrition – Ryerson University (Canada)
  6. Francesco Di Iacovo: University of Pisa (Italy)
  7. Han Wiskerke: Chair of Rural Sociology – Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
  8. Jane Battersby: African Centre for Cities (South Africa)
  9. Jane Dickson: National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health – Australian National University (Australia)
  10. Juliet Kiguli: Makerere University (Uganda)
  11. Ken Meter: Crossroads Resource Center (United States)
  12. Mar Delgado: Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Policy –  Cordoba University (Spain)
  13. Marc Wegerif: Human Economy Programme, Pretoria University (South Africa)
  14. Maria Rosario Partidario:  Lisbon University (Portugal)
  15. Marijke D’Haese: Department of Agricultural Economics – Gent University (Belgium)
  16. Masashi Tachikawa: Nagoya Universityn (Japan)
  17. Michael Carolan: Environmental Affairs and Sociology – Colorado State University (United States of America)
  18. Myriam Paredes: Development, Environment and Territory – Latin American Faculty of Social Science (Ecuador)
  19. Neil Argent: New England University (Australia)
  20. Rob Roggema: Sustainable Urban Environments – Sydney Technology University (Australia)
  21. Sérgio Schneider: Rural Development – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
  22. Soutrik Basu: Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (India)
  23. Talis Tisenkopf: Baltic Study Center (Latvia)
  24. Ye Jingzong: China Agricultural University (China)



1. Family Agriculture and Agroecology AS-PTA

2. Brazilian Agroecology Association (ABA)

3. Gaucho Association for Natural Environment Protection (AGAPAN)

4. Group of Studies about Urban Agriculture AUÊ!

5. Solidary Chain of Native Fruits

6. Center for Sustainability Studies from Getulio Vargas Foundation (Gvces)

7. Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Reference Center (CERAUP) of State University of Maringá (UEM) ver

8. Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) ver

9. Collective the City We Want ver

10. Santa Catarina State Food and Nutrition Security Council (CONSEA/SC)

11. National Council for Food and Nutrition Security (CONSEA)

12. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Temperate climate EMBRAPA 

13. Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company (EMATER-RS)

14. Methodist College of Santa Maria FAMES

15. Rio Grande do Sul Federation of Family Agriculture Workers (FETRAF- RS)

16. Rio Grande do Sul Federation of Agricultural Workers (FETAG/RS)

17. Institute of Geosciences (IGC) of Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)

18. Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IF-POA)

19. Farroupilha Federal Institute ver

20. Maniva Institute ver

21. Polis Institute ver

22. Slow Food Movement – Brazil ver

23. Post-graduation Program in Regional Development of Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR)

24. Post-graduation Program in Rural Studies and Agroecology and Peasantry Center of Federal University of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys UFVJM

25. Post-graduation Program in Development, Agriculture and Society of Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeir (CPDA/UFRRJ)

26. Post-graduation Program in Political Sociology and Institute for Research on Risks and Sustainability of Federal University of Santa Catarina (IRIS/UFSC)

27. “Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition” Project  (BFN)

28. Brazilian Network for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Sovereignty ver

29. Ecovida Network ver

30. University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

31. Rio Grande do Sul State University (UERGS)

32. Rio Grande do Norte State University (UERN)

33. Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG)

34. Federal University of Viçosa (UFV)

35. Via Campesina ver